F115LB Yamaha 4 Stroke 115hp Long Shaft EFI

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  • F115LB : 171 kg
  • F115XB : 176 kg
  • LF115XB : 176 kg



Buy Yamaha 4 Stroke 115hp outboard is an engine that punches well above its weight. With great power, fuel economy and reliability this engine is a standout performer.

The inline four-cylinder configuration with its double overhead camshaft and four valves on each cylinder allows smooth exchange of intake fuel and exhaust for more power. This is matched with an electric fuel injection system that delivers just the right fuel/air mixture for any load and speed for excellent power and economy.

Buy Yamaha 4 Stroke 115hp outboard has always been extremely popular for repowering older boats. Imagine the feeling of powering to your favourite fishing spot faster and more efficiently than you ever thought possible… in your favourite old boat!

Your new Yamaha EFI engine is the ultimate in reliability and technological innovation. The F115LB can be matched with the leading edge Yamaha Digital Network System. Which means you have up to the second information on the operation of your outboard at your fingertips.

Available in:

  • F115LB – Electric Start, Tilt System – Electric Start, Transom height – Long
  • F115XB – Electric Start, Tilt System – Electric Start, Transom height – Extra-Long
  • LF115XB – Counter Rotating Propeller, Electric Start, Tilt System – Electric Start, Transom height – Extra-Long

General Features:

  • 16-Valve DOHC Direct-Action In-line 4
  • Precision Multi-Point Fuel Injection System
  • Double overhead camshaft
  • Yamaha Digital Network System
  • Freshwater Flushing device
  • 45A alternator & ECM
  • Supplied with Rig Kit B2

Price includes:

  • Outboard
  • Water test
  • Free prop exchange

Price does not include:

  • Yamaha Alloy Prop
  • Yamaha 703 Side Control Box and Yamaha looms/wiring
  • 2x Yamaha multi function digital gauges(Tacho and Speedo, Fuel level, Battery level, Trim, Hours, Warnings, etc)
  • Battery, Steering, Fuel filter, Fuel tank
  • Fitting(dependent on boat configuration – as a guide $500 to $750 for a single outboard of this size)
  • Trim limiter(if required)

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F115LB: 171 kg, F115XB : 176 kg, LF115XB : 176 kg

14 reviews for F115LB Yamaha 4 Stroke 115hp Long Shaft EFI

  1. Markkew

    Very satisfied, price was okay.
    Wait 3 weeks, but it’s the season.
    Thanks again, always recommended

  2. Allen

    Absolutely awesome service!

  3. Amykew

    Outboard motor shop,Overall good experience. New motors are expensive, but service and equipment prices seem competitive.

  4. Yonkew

    Absolutely awesome service!

  5. Bookew

    I’ll start positive I needed to get my boat checked over by Yamaha specialists. When I called in I was greeted by the salesman at the beginning of the call and he was extremely helpful and he directed me to the right person to talk to. The young gentleman was great he worked out a few days to get me in. He was very helpful.

  6. Kiakew

    Friendly staff and will definitely make an order again

  7. Alankew

    A large business full of outboard motors. Very pleasant and ready to help stuff. Thanks a lot guys for taking care of me and my order!

  8. Markkew

    You guys still have some of the yahama outboard motors available? this time we need 15 motors, let us know if possible

  9. Markcdone

    Yahama 115hp out and counting is a very strong and fast resistance motor no wonder it sells every where ! Keep up

  10. Judykew

    Amazing and new stuff you sell here I’m a Fisher and I shop here twice to get some new Yamaha outboard engine motor to change the out dated ones though it took longer time but I’m glad it came through and in good condition with it manual for coupling.

  11. Terry gayua

    I use my board for over 4 years what a good engine with 115hp it has, fortunately it breaks down and I was watching a video on Facebook and I saw this ad selling outboard Yamaha motor went through it and saw what fits with mine , I did place an order and it took 5 days to get here was really scared, cus FedEx says 72hrs and 72hrs gone by and I got nothing but fortunately it showed up on the 5th day .I’m happy to trade with you guys .

  12. Ugokew

    US outboard takes real good care of customers orders and delivery!

  13. Abrsvem

    Thanks tho

  14. Bookew

    Happy trading here soon be going now for fishing practice.

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